Project goals

The project aims to establish the tri-national Upper Rhine Region (URR) as one of the most innovative regions in Europe in the field of sustainable biomass utilization. In practice, this involves the promotion of biomass as a renewable energy source and/or raw material by drafting a “Roadmap for sustainable biomass utilization in the URR”, to be used as an action plan and a strategic guideline for the implementation of sustainable biomass projects.

The specific objectives are as follows:

• Study all relevant aspects of the biomass value chain (production, transportation, use)
• Take into account the different development alternatives through scenarios
• Analyse the potential impacts in terms of sustainability criteria
• Launch local dialogue on the advantages and disadvantages of using biomass

A cross-cutting tri-national network of scientists from across the URR will be created. This working group will tackle environmental issues in its native region together with political and industrial players and local residents. In order to create a long-term network, it will be formally established as the “Upper Rhine Environmental Research Institute” (URERI).

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