Research approach

The project can be broken down into six complementary, closely-related research areas. By moving the cursor over the boxes, you can view details about the objectives and expected results in each area:

Research Area 1Research Area 2Research Area 3Research Area 4Research Area 5Research Area 6

Research Area 1: Biomassenressourcen und Veränderung der Landnutzung

  • Objective: Identification of local biomass resources and of land use conflicts by using statistical data, maps, remote sensing and GIS-modelling
  • Expected result: Database on regional biomass potentials

Research Area 2: Biomass value chains and logistics

  • Objective: Development of a planning model for the promotion of cross-border regional production and logistical networks taking into consideration location, capacities and available technology
  • Expected result: Planning tool for the regional biomass network

Research Area 3: Biomass conversion pathways

  • Objective: Assessment of local bioenergy and biomaterial demand, taking into account current and new technologies, in particular with regard to the use of residues from viniculture
  • Expected result: Techno-economic database on promising biomass conversion technologies suitable for the URR

Research Area 4: Scenario development and analysis

  • Objective: Execution of an integrated scenario analysis to map the possible future trends until 2030 in cooperation with local interest groups
  • Expected result: Strategy for a policy guide (“best-case” scenario)

Research Area 5: Environmental impact analysis

  • Objective: Assessment of the environmental, economic and social impacts of the different pathways on the basis of sustainability criteria and indicators
  • Expected result: Identification of the most suitable strategies with regard to the impacts on the economy and the environment

Research Area 6: Roadmap for sustainable biomass utilization in the URR

  • Objective: Compilation of all results together with recommendations for conversion and business initiatives in the “Roadmap for sustainable biomass utilization in the URR”
  • Expected result: A roadmap with pathways, options and recommendations for political, institutional, economic and scientific stakeholders, demonstrating the possibilities and conditions for sustainable biomass utilization in light of the current framework conditions and sustainability goals in the URR
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